Broadband Hospitality to Demonstrate New Interactive Platform Features at HITEC 2019

Live Video Concierge and Over-the-Top (OTT) Streaming Content Access Available Through Interactive TV and Mobile Applications

Minneapolis, Minnesota – June 17, 2019 – Broadband Hospitality announced today that it will be introducing and demonstrating two major new features incorporated into its industry-leading interactive guest-facing platforms at the HFTP HITEC conference June 18-20 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. These features will be demonstrated in the Allin Interactive booth #2734.  On June 5, 2019, Broadband Hospitality announced its merger with Allin Interactive, enabling Allin’s DigiHD™ ITV, DigiMobile™ app, and DigiPublic™ signage systems to immediately become part of the Broadband Hospitality portfolio of unified communications and content services.

The two new features include a live video concierge capability for the DigiHD ITV and DigiMobile app for guest devices, and over-the-top (“OTT”) streaming content application access on DigiHD ITV via LG’s recently announced app hub for hospitality use.

Recent studies have shown that when actual amenity use by guests is measured against “predicted” amenity use, “concierge service“ is an amenity that is actually used by guests (42%) more than guests themselves expect to use the service (31%).  (Dev, C.S., Hamilton, R.W., Rust, R.T., & Valenti, M.V. (2018). What do hotel guests really want? Anticipated versus actual use of amenities. Cornell Hospitality Report, 18 (8), 1-24.)  However, many hoteliers do not have the means by which to fully staff a concierge desk. In addition, guests want the personal touch of a live concierge conversation that is initiated from the convenience of their room or their phone, regardless of their location. The live video concierge capability enables the guest to request a one-way video chat session with on-site or enterprise-level guest service personnel via their in-room TV or mobile app on their own iPhone, iPad, or Android Phone.  Guests see a real-time update of their position in the request queue, and when their session is initiated they see the staff member via one-way live video.

“It is clear that both business and leisure travelers want the personal touch of on-demand concierge service combined with the ‘always available’ nature of the devices they use,” states Gail Gust, VP of marketing and business development at Broadband Hospitality. “The addition of live video concierge capability to our ITV and mobile app solutions allows us to meet guest expectations while exploring this and other potential uses with our hospitality, cruise, MDU, student housing and senior living clients.”

In addition, Broadband Hospitality is introducing guest access to OTT applications such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube and others via LG’s app hub for hospitality use. Guests can open these apps straight from the ITV main menu, enter credentials (where applicable), and enjoy streaming content without the need to cast from their mobile device.

“While we offer an extensive and cost-effective line-up of linear channel programming via DIRECTV and we fully support screen casting in our current ITV system as well as on-demand pay-per-view movies, there is strong momentum behind the idea of content and subscription service providers exposing their popular TV shows and movie services to hotel guests who might not yet be subscribers,” states Ms. Gust. “Our participation in the LG OTT roll-out positions us at the forefront of this trend, and we look forward to adding a variety of popular apps to our suite of OTT content available to hoteliers and their guests.”

About Broadband Hospitality

Broadband Hospitality (BBH) is a single source for innovative technology solutions that help hotels, cruise ships, senior living facilities, student housing and MDUs improve performance and enhance the customer experience. Drawing from a nationwide network of industry-leading vendors and more than 25 years of hospitality technology experience, BBH provides DIRECTV content, Wi-Fi, fiber (bandwidth), phone systems, mobility, low voltage cabling, CCTV, Audio/Video, Project Management and 24/7/365 U.S.-based support. Additionally, turn-key integrated interactive television with casting and OTT, interactive mobile applications and digital signage are offered as part of a total unified technology solution. The company leverages its in-house custom development capabilities to deliver the most functionality and flexibility of any interactive hospitality solution in the world. BBH is a Choice Hotels Qualified Vendor, a Phonesuite Platinum Partner, a Microsoft Gold Partner, an AT&T Platinum Elite Solution Provider, DIRECTV 2018 L&I Dealer of the Year, and a DIRECTV Dealer Advisory Council member. BBH is headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio and currently supports 1,000 customers in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. To learn more, please visit and