You’re in the business of impressing customers. Our job is to give you the tools and technologies to do that…and so much more.

Whether your industry is hospitality, gaming, senior living, apartment living, student housing, or virtually any customer-facing segment, Broadband Hospitality has you covered. We have been a trusted supplier of bundled technology solutions for  over 25 years. With our extensive experience servicing the hospitality industry and the addition of the All-In Interactive product offering, we are a true full-service provider of total unified technology solutions to multiple industries and market niches.  Broadband Hospitality has the proven track record, the resources, and the scalability to enter new vertical markets with the goal of helping you better engage with customers and cater to their evolving needs.

Our ability to bundle products and services and provide the infrastructure needed to support property owners sets Broadband Hospitality apart as the preferred technology partner for hotels, apartments, senior living, MDU, and other emerging industries. The Broadband Hospitality approach is simple, cost-effective and delivers less worry and more revenue for property owners. Meanwhile, your customers gain more amenities and a better overall experience!


Broadband Hospitality has served the technology needs of hotels for 25 years … and today we keep our pulse on the latest trends so that our solutions grow along with the evolving needs of the hotel industry.

Our Broadband Hospitality bundled products for hotels check all of the boxes when it comes to satisfying your guest’s technology demands – from fast, reliable Wi-Fi, to DIRECTV®, CCTV, Low Voltage cabling, and mobile applications that enhance and customize their stay. Beyond providing the scalable solutions that hotels need, Broadband Hospitality also offers the necessary resources and infrastructure to support these solutions. It’s a worry-free approach for hotel owners to have Broadband Hospitality “in the trenches” managing your property’s technology needs so that you can stay focused on serving guests.

Hotels who take advantage of our bundled, fully-supported Broadband Hospitality solutions save money across their entire portfolio, perform better, achieve greater ROI and create happier, more loyal guests.


We understand that the stakes are high in the competitive casino property market. That’s why Broadband Hospitality is helping casino owners create a new standard of superior service to attract and engage today’s tech-savvy casino guests.

We build you a customized, branded casino app designed to help owners better engage with guests and generate additional revenues. You can target your app users and rewards members with a virtual jackpot of promotional messages and push notifications that will draw them in to spend more, stay longer, and share their experiences with other potential guests… the possibilities are endless!

Plus, in addition to guest-facing mobile applications, casino owners benefit from the full suite of BBH total unified technology solutions – from fiber, to CCTV to phone systems to Wi-Fi and more — that help keep your staff and guests secure, connected, and satisfied at all times.


The mantra used to be location, location, location. Today’s guests are all about amenities amenities… and more amenities!

Your residents demand and want more out of their apartment/MDU living experience. And BBH helps you deliver a superior experience with bundled technology solutions that offer MORE amenities for residents and, consequently, MORE revenue opportunities for owners.

In addition to providing the infrastructure and support needed to keep residents secure and connected, BBH unified technology solutions give apartment/MDU owners the ability to package and build amenities right into the rent structure — like DIRECTV, Wi-Fi, phone (including mobile phone with data plan), the mobile app for keyless entry to on-premise resident access points (apartment unit, main gate pool, gym, etc.) and more.

The BBH “bundle and save” approach offers owners a simple and seamless way to raise their revenue opportunities while giving residents the amenities they crave to work smarter and live better at your property.


BBH bundled technology solutions are designed to create more revenue opportunities for owners while offering amenities and services that make life easier and more enjoyable for your senior residents.

Whether its accessing daily activities or meal options right from their own TVs, gaining keyless entry on-premise, or having the ability to seamlessly communicate and connect with nursing staff and loved ones, BBH delivers!

On-premise interactive signage and touchscreen kiosks also make it easy for your residents to view daily menus, communication and event listings in public spaces while their guests can “click through” property maps and building information upon entering the premises. It’s truly the perfect blend of customer-facing technology, service and support that delivers ROI for owners, a better quality of life for residents, and more peace of mind for their loved ones.


Stay ahead of the technology curve with BBH total unified technology solutions that cater to the sophisticated and ever-changing demands of the student housing market!

Our bundled solutions earn high marks from both owners and residents. Whether we’re helping students power through that all-night study sessions OR stream to their heart’s content — BBH always delivers a fast, reliable on-premise connection. We also help property owners keep students safe and sound with CCTV systems and equip students (and parents) with a feature-rich mobile app to transmit secure rent payments and access housing info and notifications. These bundled services are all about creating a better living experience for students, BUT they also deliver the added benefit of boosting revenue opportunities for property owners.

With ONE vendor providing all of your technology and support needs, BBH unified technology solutions help student housing property owners satisfy the needs of their savvy students residents while positioning them for future success!