DigiPublic™ high-visibility public signage gives your guests & residents a better view into what’s happening at your property.

DigiPublic™ digital signage vibrantly displays a “playlist” of informational and/or promotional content that YOU control – from important notices, daily events schedules and reminders, entertainment and activities, to dining menus and options, and more. It’s a highly flexible application that keeps your residents, visitors, staff and guests completely up-to-date on critical information in a contactless manner.


We provide property owners with a flexible and modular branded template design that they can utilize to schedule or upload content in real time. We train you to maintain your signage, so you maintain 100% control over the content your guests or residents see at all times.

Property owners can choose our display-only non-interactive looping signs, which showcase a rotating playlist of content with rich graphic and text overlays. Content is easily scheduled and updated via the DigiManager content management system to ensure a “fresh” daily playlist.

BBH also offers interactive touchscreen kiosks that can be erected on-premise to allow users to “tap and select” the specific property-related content they wish to view and even book amenities such as dining reservations.

Contact BBH for more information about the specifications/requirements/assumptions necessary to administer DigiPublic™ display-only digital signage or touchscreen kiosks at your property: 330-629-8848


  • Integrated with LG displays (no player needed) as well as BrightSign players
  • Supports data-driven templates
  • Content is centrally controlled from the DigiManager content management system
  • Owners can easily add text, graphics, and video to non-interactive looping slides
  • Interactive touchscreen kiosks feature looped “barker” promotional screens to encourage users to tap the display to initiate the interactive main menu
  • Interactive touchscreen kiosk modules have the capability to display text, image, and on-demand video
  • Low initial cost and software license/support fees