DigiPublic™ high functionality public signage gives your guests & residents a better view into what’s happening at your property.

DigiPublic™ digital signage vibrantly displays a “playlist” of guest-focused content that YOU control – from daily events, entertainment and activities, to dining options, to property maps and more. It’s a highly flexible application that seamlessly integrates with property management systems.


We provide property owners with a flexible and modular branded template design that they can utilize to schedule or upload content in real time. And while BBH provides the tools for property owners to manage and maintain their signage, you maintain 100% control over the content your guests or residents see at all times.

Property owners can choose our display-only non-interactive looping signs, which showcase a rotating playlist of content with rich graphic and text overlays. Content is easily scheduled and updated via the DigiManager content management system to ensure a “fresh” daily playlist.

Broadband Hospitality also offers interactive touchscreen kiosks that can be erected on-premise to allow users to “tap and select” the specific property-related content they wish to view and even book amenities such as dining, tours and shows.

Contact Broadband Hospitality for more information about the specifications/requirements/assumptions necessary to administer DigiPublic™ display-only digital signage or touchscreen kiosks at your property: 330-629-8848


  • Integrated with LG displays (no player needed) as well as BrightSign players
  • Supports data-driven templates
  • Content is centrally controlled from the DigiManager content management system
  • Owners can easily add text, graphics, and video to non-interactive looping slides
  • Interactive touchscreen kiosks feature looped “barker” promotional screens to encourage users to tap the display to initiate the interactive main menu
  • Interactive touchscreen kiosk modules have the capability to display text, image, and on-demand video
  • Low initial cost and software license/support fees