Technology Trends for Senior Living

Boost Connectivity

Now more than ever, new residents come to your property with multiple devices, and they expect the same high-speed internet connection they had at home. According to, not only are 73% of seniors now online, but two-thirds of Baby Boomers say they can only comfortably last 24 hours without accessing the Internet. Connectivity is now a necessity for senior living communities, and the demand is growing faster than ever. Is your technology infrastructure meeting the needs of your residents? With BBH, each detail of your network infrastructure is seamless, from the early design and planning stages to the final cabling install and certification. We understand the importance of reliable, high-speed internet, so we offer free assessments and site surveys that result in comprehensive low voltage proposals.

Build Security

Ensuring the safest environment for your staff and residents is always a top priority for senior living communities. Securing your area with the right CCTV system customized to your property is essential in providing ultimate security for your residents, staff, and visitors. Also, consider adopting a wearable panic button solution into your safety strategy. BBH offers No Dead Zone” technology on BBH’s “Push and Protect” panic solution, with immediate notification of on-site first-responders to ensure maximum safety for your residents and staff.

Engage Residents

One-fourth of adults aged 65 and older are considered to be socially isolated, according to Keeping your residents engaged and active within your community is key to enhancing their health and quality of life. Offering a mobile app to your residents gives them the ability to two-way video chat with friends, family, on-site staff, and caretakers. It provides easy access to upcoming activities and events calendars and allows residents to add activities and events to their device calendar. It also includes an on-demand video library where residents can access exercise videos, previous activity/event videos, health care videos, and more. BBH’S DigiMobile is a brandable mobile app that eliminates the risk, high cost, and long lead times associated with creating a high-quality mobile app. DigiMobile is brandable, easy-to-use, and full-featured, guaranteed to keep your residents engaged.