The Best Technology for Hotels

Reliable Wi-Fi

By now, it’s simple. Wi-Fi is non-negotiable, and the quality of your Wi-Fi will directly impact your guest’s experience. When planning activities for the day, staying in touch with friends and family and working from your property, your guests depend on you to provide reliable Wi-Fi.

Is it time to level up your Wi-Fi? BBH provides high-speed fiber, connectivity, and Wi-Fi, using cutting-edge products that satisfy the demands of your guests. Our high-performance internet delivery system is scalable to evolve with changing guest expectations and uses the best technology for hotels.

An Engaging Experience

Mobile apps can provide opportunities to engage your guests and connect them with your property. A mobile app can help guests seamlessly book rooms, communicate with the front desk, and easily access hotel information such as daily events and activities.

Mobile apps don’t have to be expensive and complicated to build. BBH’S DigiMobile is a brandable mobile app that eliminates the risk, high cost, and long lead times typically associated with creating a high-quality mobile app.

A Personal Touch 

Adding a personal touch when contactless check-in/check-out is in full effect can be challenging, but this is still something your guests expect and can help you stand out against the competition. An interactive television system allows you to personalize each guest’s experience with minimal effort by displaying the guest’s name on the TV with a welcome note when they first arrive and sending customized messages throughout their stay.

For over 25 years, BBH has been partnering with hoteliers to exceed guest expectations. We care about guest satisfaction, and we have what it takes to provide the best technology solutions for hotels of all sizes. With BBH’s one-stop-shop technology solution, you get seamless implementation, streamlined billing, and less stress. Learn how BBH can help your property, schedule an intro meeting today!

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