Guide to Improving Guest In-Room Experience 


Provide a Personalized In-Room Experience

Personalization is a critical component in providing an exceptional in-room guest experience. Going the extra mile and providing each guest with a personalized experience is what will keep them coming back. It is essential to recognize that each guest has a different story. Some have saved up to visit your property. Others constantly travel and desire an experience that feels like home. With that in mind, how can you personalize each guest’s experience? The easy answer is an interactive television system such as BBH’s DigiHD ITV. An interactive television system gives you the ability to personalize each guest’s experience with minimal effort. Starting with displaying the guest’s name on the TV along with a welcome, DigiHD ITV offers the ability to deliver customized messages to each guest.

Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Traveling can be exhausting for your guests. When guests visit your property, they’re leaving behind their favorite pillow, their preferred coffee, and the home entertainment they’re used to. By taking extra steps to make your guests feel at home, you can create an experience they’ll never forget. You don’t have to be a luxurious resort with a high price point to offer great hospitality. Give them the amenities that they have at home like high-speed internet, live and on-demand TV options, and the ability to stream their favorite TV shows and movies through a casting solution like BBH Cast. BBH Cast is an affordable, easy-to-use casting solution that’s secure and reliable. It allows you to deliver the at-home entertainment experience that your guests want.

Customer Service is Key

Your guest experience is only as good as your customer service. Incorporating customer service into your in-room experience strategy is an easy way to exceed expectations. With a mobile app, you can provide top-notch, contactless customer service without the need for extra staff. A mobile app can offer Keyless entry to gates/doors, remote access to on-premises unit controls, contactless direct messaging with the front desk, and easy access to hotel information such as daily events and activities. Mobile apps don’t require lengthy development timelines and expensive budgets. BBH’S DigiMobile is a brandable mobile app that eliminates the risk, high cost, and long lead times associated with creating a high-quality mobile app.