We get it. Your staff, resident and guest demands for fast connectivity are increasing each and every day. We allow you to sit back with confidence, knowing that we will deliver the highest possible bandwidth at the lowest cost—and we do so from the front lines! You give us the green light and we get to work, bringing your property a custom, scalable, reliable fiber circuit solution that ensures your staff, residents and guests can download at lightning speeds.

How can you know that BBH will deliver blazing speeds at great prices? At BBH are proud of the solid relationships we’ve built and maintained with AT&T and leading fiber providers in the industry. As an AT&T Platinum Solutions Provider, we guarantee dedicated bandwidth and the best fiber pricing in the nation.

We leverage these volume relationships and other carriers to negotiate the most cost-effective solution for you. We’re all about orchestrating an efficient plan to build out a high-quality, high-speed fiber-based Internet access solution while managing and monitoring the entire process for you from start to finish. To keep things hassle-free on your end, we also ensure that fiber upgrades are seamless, with properties experiencing virtually zero downtime during migrations.

So, sit back and serve your staff, your residents and your guests. With BBH experts “in the house”, you can be certain that your fiber circuit needs – and user expectations – will always be met.

We identify scalable, customizable solutions tailored to your needs

We work with your existing partners or initiate cost-effective, new partnerships on your behalf with local and/or leading national providers

We manage and monitor the entire process for you from start to finish

We keep your business moving forward with seamless upgrades that require virtually zero downtime