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Introduction & Case description

Advanced Phone Systems for the Modern Hospitality Industry

Reliable, well-designed low-voltage cabling is essential to create efficiencies and reduce capital costs on newbuilds and renovations.  Broadband Hospitality (BBH) provides low-voltage design services as part of its low-voltage practice, and incorporates those designs into a deployment and installation schedule that meets general contractor timelines.  In-building in intra-building fiber, Cat6 and coaxial cabling are all part of typical BBH low-voltage designs.  A/V cabling can be added to BBH’s scope of work as well.  Our services ensure that your property is equipped with the latest in technology infrastructure, with proper testing, certification, labeling, and cable management.

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The solution & Technology

Features of Broadband Hospitality Phone Systems

Our advanced phone systems come equipped with a range of features: 

Customizable Extensions

Tailor your phone system to match the size and scale of your property, with easy-to-manage extensions for every room and department.

VoIP Technology

Utilize the latest in Voice over Internet Protocol technology for clearer, more reliable communication.

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with your existing hospitality phone management software, ensuring a unified system for guest services.

Mobile Capability

Enable staff mobility with mobile-compatible features, allowing your team to stay connected anywhere on the property.

Automated Responses

Implement automated greetings and responses for efficient guest interaction, especially during peak hours.

Result Driven

Benefits for Your Hospitality Business

Choosing your Broadband Hospitality phone systems means investing in:

Enhanced Guest Experience

Provide guests with quick and easy access to services, information, and support.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline internal communications, reducing response times and improving service delivery.

Cost Savings

Benefit from the cost-effectiveness of VoIP technology, reducing operational expenses.


As your business grows, our phone systems grow with you, ensuring you're always equipped to handle increasing demand.


Depend on consistent, high-quality communication capabilities, crucial in the hospitality industry.

Why Choose Broadband Hospitality?

At Broadband Hospitality, we understand the unique challenges of the hospitality industry. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. With our robust phone systems, you’re not just getting a product; you’re gaining a partner committed to your success.

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