Executive Management team

Leading Broadband Hospitality into the Future

At the helm of Broadband Hospitality is our Senior Executive Team—a group of forward-thinking leaders with a wealth of experience in the hospitality technology sector. Guided by a shared vision of innovation and excellence, they are the driving force behind our comprehensive suite of solutions.

vince lucci

Vince Lucci


As the founder and CEO of Broadband Hospitality, Vince Lucci is dedicated to establishing the company as a leading name in the hotel industry. Under his leadership, Broadband Hospitality delivers top-tier tech support, network services, and quality HD TV programming, while also focusing on future technologies to reduce costs, enhance performance, and improve guest experiences.


Since its inception in December 1993, originally as Great Lakes Telecom Ltd., the company has evolved significantly from a one-man operation based in Vince's home, focusing initially on hotel phone systems. Vince's vision and drive expanded the business to include Internet services for hotels and partnership as a DIRECTV Lodging & Institutions Dealer. From a modest 400-square-foot office in Youngstown, OH, Broadband Hospitality has grown to a spacious headquarters, now employing over 50 skilled professionals offering a range of hotel technology solutions.


Broadband Hospitality, with Vince's guidance, has achieved significant milestones, including partnerships with major industry players like Value Place Extended Stay Hotels (now WoodSpring Suites) and earning Marriott’s GPNS Certification. Vince's commitment to quality, customer-first philosophy, and continuous innovation has positioned Broadband Hospitality for ongoing growth and success in the hospitality industry.

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chris staib

Chris Staib


Chris brings 25+ years of software and IT experience to his role as Chief Information Officer for Broadband Hospitality. As CIO, Chris oversees all technology departments; Customer Service, Engineering, and Software Development. Over his past 15 years in the cruise and hospitality industry, he has developed Broadband Hospitality’s interactive TV, mobile app, and digital signage solutions used by enterprise clients such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line,  Wynn Las Vegas, Atlantis Paradise Island and many others.

Chris began coding at age 10, and by age 22, he co-founded Log-Me-On.com, where he developed and patented a technology sold to Yahoo!. He was brought on board by Yahoo! to develop the technology into what is now the Yahoo! Toolbar.

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tom shimko

Tom Shimko

SVP Finance

As the Senior Vice President of Finance at Broadband Hospitality, Tom is responsible for overseeing the company's accounting, finance, procurement, inventory, and logistics operations. He is an alumnus of Youngstown State University, where he earned a BS degree in accounting and finance. Tom began his career in the field of auditing and brings over 22 years of comprehensive experience in various aspects of accounting and finance.

Tom harbors a keen interest in technology, particularly its evolving role and impact on both businesses and consumers. Outside of his professional commitments, Tom enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends. He is an enthusiast of physical fitness, golfing, and outdoor activities. A hands-on individual, Tom likes to engage in DIY projects, especially those involving electrical work, both at his home and on his properties. Additionally, he is a fan of attending sporting events and exploring new culinary experiences at different restaurants.


John's professional journey commenced in 1991 at the Eastman Kodak Company, following his graduation from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and Statistics.

Her professional journey commenced with Norwegian Cruise Line, where she excelled as a Cruise Staff/Cruise Director, skillfully managing entertainment and activities for passengers on cruises lasting from three to 80 days.

Originally hailing from Indiana, Julie has since embraced Florida as her new home, enjoying the state's vibrant sunshine and warmth.

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john troutwine

John Troutwine

SVP Sales & Marketing

Mr. Troutwine holds the pivotal role of managing crucial client and reseller relationships at Broadband Hospitality, in addition to leading the internal BBH sales team. Before the merger of Broadband Hospitality and Allin Interactive, John served as the Senior Vice President of Business Development at Allin Interactive. In this role, he successfully sold and implemented over $100 million worth of interactive television, mobile app, and digital signage solutions to clients in the hospitality and cruise industries.

John's professional journey commenced in 1991 at the Eastman Kodak Company, following his graduation from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and Statistics.

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jim naro

Jim Naro

SVP Business & Legal

As the Senior Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs at Broadband Hospitality, Jim plays a crucial role in steering the company's strategic growth initiatives, overseeing mergers and acquisitions, and managing legal and compliance issues. His rich professional background includes serving as the Senior Vice President and General Counsel of DIRECTV® Latin America, and later as the Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and co-CEO of LodgeNet Interactive Corporation. Additionally, Jim has provided consultancy services to various companies within the hospitality industry across the United States, Europe, and Asia.


Jim's extensive industry knowledge, combined with his practical approach to addressing business challenges, renders him an invaluable asset to Broadband Hospitality.

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jamie neubel

Jamie Nuebel

SVP Operations

Jamie brings over 25 years of extensive experience in the hospitality industry, distinguished by a track record of strategically leading teams to achieve peak efficiency and success. His journey in the industry began at Mitchell Technical Institute, where he delved into the field of Satellite Communications. Jamie's career took a practical turn when he joined LodgeNet Entertainment, starting as an Installation Technician and eventually ascending to the role of Sr. Director of Operations.


His career trajectory further includes pivotal roles such as the Vice President of Operations Americas at GuestTek, covering North America, Central America, and Latin America, the VP of Operations at Exceptional Innovations, and the Sr Director of Business Services at MVM Technology. Jamie's expertise in defining, executing, and managing projects has earned him significant recognition, including being certified as a Manager of Quality Organizational Excellence by The American Society for Quality.

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julie karvoski

Julie Karvoski

HR Manager

Julie holds the position of Human Resources Manager at our company, where she expertly manages all aspects of human resources, including recruitment, policy enforcement, overseeing benefits, and handling payroll. Her diverse background includes roles such as HR /Office Manager, and Travel & Tradeshow Event Coordinator at Allin Interactive, prior to its integration with Broadband Hospitality.


Her professional journey commenced with Norwegian Cruise Line, where she excelled as a Cruise Staff/Cruise Director, skillfully managing entertainment and activities for passengers on cruises lasting from three to 80 days.


Originally hailing from Indiana, Julie has since embraced Florida as her new home, enjoying the state's vibrant sunshine and warmth.

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panda bear in a suit

Bearon Hospitality

Anti-Hibernation Advocate

Bearon Hospitality is a unique and forward-thinking Anti-Hibernation Advocate at Broadband Hospitality, with a distinctive approach to the evolving landscape of technology in the hospitality industry. With a keen eye on the rapid advancements in this sector, Bearon has developed a deep passion for educating and guiding businesses about the perils of 'hibernating' during crucial technology revolutions.

Possessing an extensive background in the hospitality technology space, Bearon's expertise lies in identifying and leveraging cutting-edge solutions that enhance guest experiences. His philosophy centers around the belief that 'sleeping' through these dynamic changes is akin to missing the boat on opportunities that could dramatically elevate a business's service offerings and guest satisfaction.

In his role at Broadband Hospitality, Bearon plays a pivotal part in strategy development and implementation, ensuring that the company and its clients are always at the forefront of innovation. His mission is to help businesses understand that embracing technological change is not just about keeping up, but about leading and exceeding guest expectations.

Bearon's dedication to this cause stems from a deep-seated belief that in today's fast-paced world, being technologically adept is not just an advantage, but a necessity. He continues to inspire and lead many in the hospitality industry towards a future where technology and human-centric service go hand in hand.

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Sales & Service Team

The Team Behind Our Total Unified Technology Solutions

At Broadband Hospitality, our Sales & Service Team is more than just a department; it’s the backbone of our commitment to unparalleled service and innovative solutions. Comprising seasoned professionals with deep industry knowledge, our team is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of each client. Whether you’re a hotel owner seeking a robust Wi-Fi solution or a facility manager in an eldercare center looking for advanced CCTV systems, our experts are trained to tailor our comprehensive suite of technology solutions to meet your specific requirements.

adam nathan

Adam Nathan

VP Sales

In his vital position as VP of Sales, Adam Nathan is at the forefront of propelling Broadband Hospitality's continued growth. His rich background in technology, coupled with a proven success record in technology-related sales, makes him exceptionally qualified for this pivotal role.


Adam's prior experience in technology sales is marked by significant achievements, including securing new business and maintaining customer loyalty at Tyco Integrated Security. Notably, in his inaugural year with the company, he impressively achieved 234% of their annual sales target. His unyielding drive for success, relentless work ethic, and unwavering commitment to fostering successful teams and delivering exceptional customer service render Adam an invaluable asset to Broadband Hospitality and its hotel clientele.

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rob johnston

Rob Johnston

Regional Director of Sales

As the Regional Director of Sales at Broadband Hospitality, Rob plays a crucial role in collaborating with both existing and potential BBH customers to provide them with the most effective technology solutions for their hotels. He brings over 16 years of experience to this position, having previously excelled in technology sales roles with other leading hospitality technology providers.


Rob is a staunch advocate of Broadband Hospitality's customer-centric approach, firmly believing in prioritizing the best interests of his customers. This commitment drives him to assist customers in identifying technology solutions that are not only cost-effective but also scalable and tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Outside of his professional life, Rob cherishes spending time with his wife and five children. He also maintains a strong connection to sports, being a former collegiate pitcher and an enthusiastic golfer.

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marshal baxter

Marshall Baxter

Regional Director of Sales

Marshall, in his role as Sales Engineer, specializes in low voltage cabling and offers dedicated support for new construction projects. He brings a wealth of experience, with 25 years in technology sales and customer service, complemented by 15 years in various aspects of construction project design, sales, and management. Marshall is committed to delivering personalized solutions, often being present onsite to collaborate closely with General Contractors and Owners, ensuring each project aligns with our high standards of quality.


Outside of work, Marshall has a diverse range of hobbies. He enjoys golfing, skiing, and hiking, showcasing his love for outdoor activities.

Additionally, he is a talented musician, an audio engineer, and a producer, demonstrating his artistic flair. However, his greatest passion lies in cooking and entertaining, where he finds joy in creating culinary delights and hosting gatherings.

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Samantha Pantalone

Regional Director of Sales

Samantha, as the Regional Director of Sales at Broadband Hospitality, plays a pivotal role in guiding both new and existing clients towards innovative technology solutions in the hospitality industry. Her expertise, honed over five years in technology sales, including her experience with advanced hospitality phone and Wi-Fi services, makes her a valuable asset in addressing the complex technology needs of hotels. Her passion for delivering Broadband Hospitality's comprehensive suite of solutions, including Guest Wi-Fi, TV Solutions, and Hospitality PBX Phone Systems, is evident in her client interactions.


Residing in New Hampshire with her four children and cat, Max, Samantha balances her professional life with diverse interests. She enjoys engaging in pub trivia, showcasing her culinary skills, delving into books, and maintaining her fitness through weightlifting. Her holistic approach to life complements her dedication to providing top-tier technology solutions for the hospitality sector.

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adam aitken

Adam Aitken

Director of Sales Engineering

Adam serves as a Sales Engineer at Broadband Hospitality, expertly crafting and engineering technology solutions tailored for the success of your property. His extensive project experience spans from modest-sized hotels to grand stadiums with seating capacities exceeding 60,000. Adam's expertise is not limited to one sector; he has a rich background in various markets including Hospitality, Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU), Retail, RV Parks, Restaurants, Education, and even Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) solutions.


Boasting over a decade of experience in these diverse fields, Adam has successfully designed and engineered more than 1500 different systems. He is a firm believer in the philosophy of 'doing it right the first time.' Outside of his professional life, Adam dedicates time to his family, spending cherished moments with his wife and three children. He also utilizes his bilingual skills in Spanish to contribute to the community by teaching English to others.

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aaron bowles

Aaron Bowles

Account Executive

Aaron Bowles plays a pivotal role in the sales team at Broadband Hospitality, where he is entrusted with managing in-house accounts, fostering new business opportunities, and delivering exceptional customer service to our existing BBH clients. Additionally, he contributes to the general operational needs of the sales department. Aaron's background in hospitality and sales is enriched by his experience in working closely with hotel banquet and management teams, particularly in organizing e-commerce educational seminars.


Aaron is deeply committed to his philosophy of 'working hard and treating others with respect,' a principle he diligently applies in his daily interactions with both BBH clients and colleagues. When not engaged in his professional duties, Aaron pursues his passions in recording music and competitive gaming. He is also an enthusiastic fisherman. Despite his self-admitted irrational fear of heights, Aaron has surprisingly developed a fondness for rock climbing.

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Loren Lang

Sales Engineer

Loren comes with over 15 years experience in supporting, engineering, and deploying technology solutions, Loren Lang brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Broadband Hospitality team. Although relatively new to the design and engineering aspects, Loren's extensive background ensures that he is well-equipped to craft the right solutions for our customers.

Loren joined Broadband Hospitality in October 2022 as a Product Manager for Client Services, and entered Sales Engineering in 2023, where he has been instrumental in understanding client needs and translating them into effective technology solutions. His prior experience includes a significant tenure at WoodSpring Suites, where he honed his skills in the hospitality technology sector.

Away from work, Loren is a family man who cherishes spending quality time with his wife and daughter. He is an avid biker and swimmer, enjoying these activities as a way to connect with his family and unwind.

Loren's blend of professional expertise and personal dedication to family values embodies the spirit of Broadband Hospitality, where we strive to create technology solutions that resonate with the human touch.

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Hakim 1

Hakim Lattari

Sales Engineer

Leveraging over 10 years spanning both hospitality and IT, Hakim seamlessly bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and the specific needs of the hospitality sector. His passion lies in using technology to elevate guest experiences and optimize operations, with a particular focus on cybersecurity.

Hakim's hospitality background grants him a deep understanding of industry challenges, enabling him to craft solutions that directly address these concerns. He possesses a strong foundation in cybersecurity, honed through his experience, and excels at designing and deploying secure IT solutions tailored to the hospitality landscape.

He translates complex technical concepts into clear language, empowering clients to make informed decisions. Throughout the process, he prioritizes clear communication, timely resolution, and exceptional client service.

Hakim's fluency in English and French, combined with his educational background, allows him to connect with diverse clients and deliver culturally sensitive solutions. Beyond his professional expertise, he enjoys exploring his musical talents, showcasing his well-rounded personality and diverse skillset. This unique combination makes him a valuable asset to the Broadband Hospitality team.

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webiste bio pic 2

James Grubb III

Director of Marketing

With a passion for hospitality and a keen eye for innovation, James leads the marketing initiatives at Broadband Hospitality. He brings over 20 years of experience in marketing strategy and brand management to the BBH team. James is dedicated to creating interesting and impactful marketing campaigns that highlight BBH’s value proposition for hoteliers, MDU operators and senior living organizations.

James also plays a key role in BBH’s software development—he works with BBH’s software developers to bring the best UI/UX concepts to the forefront of BBH guest-facing products, including BBH’s new Bamboo ITV solution. Outside of his professional life, James enjoys sailing on his sailboat and playing music in a cover band. He loves to travel with his wife, particularly to Japan.

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