How can you draw them in, keep them engaged, and make their experience or stay more meaningful? We’re here to help…

Broadband Hospitality is proud to offer All-In Interactive solutions as part of our total unified technology solution. We have combined the company’s 25 years of servicing hospitality with interactive solutions with our 25 years in infrastructure and television content to offer customers a suite of fully integrated, interactive products for hotels, resorts, cruise lines, senior living communities, student housing and multiple dwelling units (MDU). As part of Broadband Hospitality’s total unified technology solution, property owners gain access to our interactive technologies they can leverage to better target and engage with guests and residents – like integrated interactive television, mobile applications and digital signage. In turn, these customer-facing technologies create better on-premise experiences for guests and residents to help drive revenue opportunities for owners!

Customers who are more connected with your brand will spend more time and money on premise.


  • Interactive DigiHD™ ITV

    Interactive DigiHD™ ITV takes the guest experience to another level. It delivers a branded high-definition interactive TV solution for distribution on IP networks and RF (coaxial) based television broadcast infrastructures.

  • DigiMobile™ Mobile App

    DigiMobile™ delivers a branded mobile app that your customers can easily download to their iPad, iPhone or Android phones so they can access your property information, amenities and services anytime, anywhere!


    DigiPublic™ digital signage vibrantly displays a “playlist” of guest-focused content that YOU control – from daily events, entertainment and activities, to dining options, to property maps and more. It’s a highly flexible application that seamlessly integrates with property management systems.

  • DigiManager™ back-office content manager

    The DigiManager™ content management system gives property owners and authorized staff the ability to customize the user experience while maintaining FULL control over all content seen by your customers at all times.