remote monitoring and cctv systems for hotels, senior living and mdu properties


BBH offers comprehensive CCTV systems for hotels, senior living, and MDU properties of all sizes. Packages include system design, low-voltage cabling, indoor and outdoor video cameras, a networked video recorder, and more. We pride ourselves in providing 24/7 indoor and outdoor monitoring that produces laser-sharp images day or night. Live and recorded feeds can be accessed on any device with BBH-provided client software.


BBH Push & Protect is a wearable panic button that allows you to ensure staff/resident safety while meeting brand mandates. The application includes a small push-button that your staff/residents wear on a lanyard or clip. We install Bluetooth beacons in guest rooms and common areas to accurately locate the panic button when pressed. BBH Push and Protect uses a LoRa radio frequency, allowing sensors to send alerts even in the most challenging environments. When pressed, designated on-site personnel will receive texts and emails alerting them of the emergency. In addition, BBH’s Push and Protect infrastructure enables the addition and activation of other on-site sensors.


BBH’s IoT- based Remote Monitoring solution allows you to choose from various sensors to create a custom solution for your property. Sensors include water detection, HVAC monitoring, temperature monitoring, waste bin monitoring, and more. These sensors connect wirelessly to the BBH gateway, passing data to cloud servers where you can access updates and alerts online. Each solution is designed to keep your property safe while limiting risk.

An image of a worker installing outdoor CCTV Systems for hotels.

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