Enlist a partner you can trust when it comes to providing a safe and secure environment for guests throughout their stay. Broadband Hospitality works with you to custom engineer indoor and outdoor video surveillance solutions utilizing leading-edge technology to capture every entrance, exit and space you want to monitor to keep guests (and staff!) secure on premise.

We understand the nuances of balancing guests’ privacy with their security, and we take the necessary steps to help you safeguard every aspect of their stay.

We strive to be your trusted partner in providing the safest possible environment for your staff and guests. Our Broadband Hospitality experts will work with you onsite to engineer a safe, sound, and smart surveillance plan to keep guests feeling fully secure while they’re under your roof. Once the system is in place, Broadband Hospitality provides proper and thorough training to ensure that your staff is utilizing the CCTV system to its full potential. And we’re always standing by to answer your questions and address any security concerns or needs.

• 24/7 indoor and outdoor monitoring with saved/playback video features

• IR technology produces laser sharp images day or night, light or dark

• Mobile and remote access for hotel owners – you gain the ability to view multiple properties from anywhere

• Custom design, layout, and engineering of your property coverage map to ensure maximum protection and safety of guests and staff

• Staff training to ensure proper use and monitoring of surveillance system and tools