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How to Improve the Resident Experience in your Senior Living Community

From staffing issues to the shift in technology use among the new generation of seniors, the industry must utilize new technology to ensure that each resident is satisfied and safe. Here are three ways your property can use technology to provide a better resident experience in your senior living community.

Mobile App

A mobile app for your residents is a great way to provide a personalized experience. It gives residents the ability to two-way video chat with on-site staff and caretakers. It presents daily dining menus and enables residents to order in-room dining. It offers easy access to upcoming activities and events calendars and allows residents to add activities and events to their device calendars. It also includes an on-demand video library where residents can access exercise videos, previous activity/event videos, health care videos, and more.

Panic Buttons

A reliable panic button solution can give your residents peace of mind and keep them safe. When in distress, residents press the panic button to notify on-site first responders immediately and pinpoint the resident’s location. Alerts are updated every 10 seconds, ensuring accuracy even if the person is moving. BBH’s Push and Protect solution eliminates “dead zones” through a highly penetrable LoRa radio frequency, allowing sensors to activate alerts even in challenging environments. BBH’s IoT remote monitoring infrastructure also enables additional sensors to be activated for asset protection and operational monitoring.


As a new generation of seniors enters your property, they will expect a proper WIFI infrastructure to support their connectivity demands. You are at a disadvantage if you don’t invest in the proper infrastructure to support their demand. Not only do your residents have mobile devices, tablets, and laptops of their own that require high-speed internet access, but you need reliable internet to support telehealth and new, innovative healthcare monitoring devices. Here are some signs that you may need to upgrade your network infrastructure- Residents are unable to stream high-definition entertainment through applications such as Netflix, residents experience lagging and poor quality when video chatting with family members, and staff complain that online-based communication and care documentation is difficult in some areas of the property.