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Is IoT in Senior Living Communities?

IoT is reinventing senior living communities with remote monitoring sensors that make it possible to monitor and manage energy use, reduce operational risk with predictive maintenance, and offer a safer experience for residents and staff. BBH’s IoT- based remote monitoring solution allows you to choose from various sensors to create a custom solution for your property. Sensors include motion detection, water detection, HVAC monitoring, temperature monitoring, waste bin monitoring, etc. The infrastructure for these sensors is based on the deployment of “LoRa” (low energy, high range) gateways that connect to the Internet via cellular service.

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BBH Push and Protect

Give your staff and residents peace of mind with a wearable panic button. When in distress, residents and staff press the panic button to notify on-site first responders immediately and pinpoint the location of the resident/staff member.

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Leak/Water Detection

Avoid costly repairs. Receive alerts when water is detected in areas where appliances are present, such as water heaters, sinks, utility closets, and bathrooms.

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Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Monitor conditions of walk-in coolers, freezers, and more to maintain proper food safety and ensure health agency compliance 24/7.

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Ambient Room Monitoring

Spikes in temperature and humidity can cause damage to equipment, materials, and goods. Monitor ambient conditions to ensure inventory protection and resident safety.

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Room Airflow

Continuously measure resident room pressure to reduce the risk of environmental infection. This helps healthcare facilities ensure patient/resident safety.

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HVAC Monitoring

Know when it’s the right time to replace HVAC filters, ensuring proper air quality and ventilation. Optimize your HVAC system while reducing operating costs.

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