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Delivering an unrivaled, top-quality guest experience remains at the forefront of successful hospitality, even during a pandemic. And, as the hospitality industry emerges from the serious impact of COVID-19, hoteliers are examining their bottom line while determining how to deliver an exceptional experience for both guests and staff.

As a result, many are re-evaluating their technology strategy and making decisions about the smartest, most cost-effective solutions for today and the future – solutions that elevate the on­ property experience without breaking the budget Here are three game-changing technology solutions for hoteliers to consider as they move forward on the path to recovery

Bundle & Save

A hotel’s technology needs encompass multiple platforms, and with that typically comes increased costs. Enter the idea of bundling to make a significant and positive difference…

Bundling technology solutions throughout a hotel, or across a portfolio of properties, offers a unified guest-centric approach to decreasing costs and optimizing performance. A tight coordination of multiple technology platforms is cost-effective, ensures smooth integration and enhanced support, and is customizable and scalable to a hotel or collection of hotels. Embracing a “one-stop-shop” approach aimed at consolidating services and centralizing upgrades allows a hotel to successfully manage its technology without sacrificing quality or security

What type of technology solutions can be bundled? On-property fiber circuits for fast connectivity, high-speed Wi-Fi, TV, ITV, casting, PBX phone systems, POTS (plain old television service) lines, CCTV (closed-circuit), cutting-edge audio-visual, and low-voltage wiring. Especially now, it makes smart business sense to examine all costs, so hotels aren’t paying unnecessary charges, plus invest in a strong, reliable network to shoulder the increased technology demands of hospitality operations

Hotels gain a competitive edge when working with a qualified company that specializes in bundling hotel technology services, understands the hospitality industry, has relationships with top vendors, and is backed by a dedicated, experienced team. For example, Broadband Hospitality offers an extensive scope of technology solutions and tailors offerings specific to a hotel’s interests. As a result, approximately 80% of the company’s 1,000+ clients use them for more than one technology solution.

In-Room Casting Delivers ExP-ected Comfort

The television-viewing experience in a hotel room has evolved exponentially from the days of a limited number of channels and pay-per-view Today, an engaging TV experience is defined by advanced entertainment options and personalization, all delivered via seamless technology.

Consumers travel with multiple devices and high expectations, and in addition to a full spectrum of channels, they want to watch their preferred content on the in-room TV powered by high-quality HD picture and sound.

Guests craving the idea of a “home away from home” when traveling is not new, but pandemic safety precautions may cause them to spend more time in their hotel room – meaning the ability to access on-demand content 24 hours a day has become more than just a “nice to have” amenity.

Offering in-room casting capabilities means guests can view their own content from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube or elsewhere by easily casting from their mobile device. These days, guests want to touch the thing that’s their own, like their personal devices, and casting from personal devices helps make this a reality It’s also a huge “welcome back” for guests and an exceptional way to meet their needs.

Broadband Hospitality’s casting product solution powered by Google Chromecast technology is extremely user-friendly, safe and secure to use, and priced well. Guests easily pair their device to the in-room TV by simply scanning a QR code on the TV.

When Panicked, Push A Button

Enhancing the staff experience requires as much thought and attention as the guest experience in order to achieve a successful hotel operation and reduce employee turnover.

Technology companies are developing well-priced wearable panic and safety button solutions in order to raise staff satisfaction levels and loyalty and deliver a meaningful sense of security Staff quickly push a button if they are in distress, and a hotel’s first responders are alerted, so they can swiftly respond to the situation. There are no “dead zones” with the signal technology delivered by state-of the-art providers Delivery accuracy to pinpoint the location is extremely high, even if the staff member is moving. Sending the alert doesn’t depend on a staff member’s phone; they just need to push the wearable panic button.

Satisfying the needs of customers and staff members is crucial to a hotel’s success, and technology has the ability to raise satisfaction levels while being mindful of financial constraints, especially during a challenging time in the hospitality industry Whether it’s bundling technology solutions, introducing in-room screen casting or offering wearable panic buttons to staff, investing in targeted technology solutions is one of the smartest ways possible to experience a significant, profound return.

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