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3 Ways a Hotel Interactive Television Systems Can Boost Performance

Personalization is a critical component in providing an exceptional guest experience. Going the extra mile and providing each guest with a personalized experience is what will keep them coming back. It is essential to recognize that each guest has a different story. Some have saved up to visit your property. Others constantly travel and desire an experience that feels like home. With that in mind, how can you personalize each guest’s experience? The easy answer is a hotel interactive television system such as BBH’s DigiHD ITV. An interactive television system gives you the ability to personalize each guest’s experience with minimal effort. Starting with displaying the guest’s name on the TV along with a welcome message. DigiHD ITV offers the ability to deliver customized messages to each guest. 

Revenue generation DigiHD interactive television system offers a rotating promotional panel that allows you to promote spa specials, dining promotions, live entertainment, and more; this is a wonderful way to increase foot traffic to onsite venues and keep patrons on property. Property-to-guest messaging enables you to increase sales and promote special events. Guests can order room service, make a spa reservation, order from your hotel gift shop, and purchase a poolside cabana quickly and conveniently. With a hotel interactive television system and a nominal amount of promotional creativity, you can increase money spent at your hotel and drive onsite yields. 

Customer Service  Customer service is the heart of the guest experience. It’s what guests expect from a hotel and allows your property to build loyal customers. Don’t allow labor shortages to affect your customer service! BBH’s interactive television system allows your guests to view dining options, make reservations, file maintenance requests, order room service, ask for items such as towels and pillows, and take part in contactless checkout. These requests are sent directly to the onsite department responsible for fulfillment, which limits your staff’s time on the phone while improving customer service capabilities in other areas. ITV enables you to provide your guests with top-notch convenience and customer service.